Facility Design

We can support customers in their facility and infrastructure design requirements using industry best practice and sophisticated modelling and simulation tools in order to develop the best fit solution to meet operational requirements.
Our chosen tool to support facility design is CLASS which is a computerised Layout and Simulation Software and is recognised as the leading storage facility design tool.
CLASS allows to design, re-design and test complex facility layouts in a virtual environment, enabling a safe assessment of product through-flow, processes, layout, dimension and organisation of people and equipment to quantify cost, efficiency and service levels through simulation.


By enabling any number of supply chain scenarios to be investigated, CLASS allows us to test and validate multiple operational models with a minimal cost impact.
The use of CLASS to support projects range from the design and assessment of new-build warehouses, cross dock, consolidation centres and yards and other facilities to the analysis of complex operations and the resources required to ensure the optimum balance of cost, service and on-going efficiency as changing supply chain demands dictate.
We have used CLASS software across all sectors and in various project scenarios including improvement or optimisation programmes for existing energy operations and also to design new facilities.

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