Network Assessment Studies

We can use our experience in providing customers a combination of knowledge and skills in designing, delivering,
optimizing and supporting supply chain network assessment projects. Additionally, we utilize a blend of world class applications from within our solution design toolkit for network analysis. We use the following applications for network modeling and have the ability to create bespoke models to allow for simulations in customer environments
  • CAST – Network Modelling, including International Supply Chains
  • CAPS – Supply chain design
  • CAPS – Routepro
  • MS Mappoint
For Network study projects we utilise the skillsets of multiple project management tools and experience of methodologies including 6 Sigma(DMADV), DePICT and lean principles to deliver to the requirements.
Using a subset of the best tools available, abstract and logical thinking, representative customer/operational data, sector and our Supply Chain modeling experience we are able to deliver your supply chain study requirements.
Through a 6 step process we are able to deliver the Supply Chain DNA for customers slicing the Supply Chain elephant into Transport Networks, Inventory, Direct and indirect costs, Supply Chain sustainability, Demand patterns, Supply Chain facilities productivity and design including location rationalization allowing all the components to be visualized through the DNA String in order to optimize the full end to end supply chain.


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