Road Safety

Road accidents are the greatest source of fatalities in Upstream Oil and Gas. Supporting customers address road safety is a priority for Bahwan Exel.

Analysis of Road Traffic Incident investigations has shown that there are 3 broad root cause categories;

  • Vehicle condition
  • Road infrastructure
  • Road user behavior – by far the largest contributor to Road Traffic Incidents
Improving Road Safety trends requires multi-level collaboration between legislation, enforcement, industry, media and the road user society.

In the absence of an effective legislative and regulatory Road Safety System, Industry must take the lead in tackling the Road Safety issues.

We work closely with our customers to address the serious road safety challenges through driver training, reducing the number of kilometers travelled through effective planning and enforcing the mandatory road safety standards and Life Saving rules that focus on improving road safety.

Our Safer Way Rules


We believe that all Road Traffic Incidents are preventable and the frequency rates can be reduced by addressing;

1. Vehicle specifications and condition

  • Vehicle standards and specification compliance
  • Thorough vehicle inspections
  • Mandatory In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)
  • Driver behavior monitoring via IVMS analysis

2. Driver behavior

  • Quality Training and education delivered by competent trainers
  • Training in Road Safety – Help drivers recognize hazards, driver fatigue, load security and prevention of roll overs
  • Awareness & Road Safety message campaigns
  • Hearts & Minds Driver forums
  • Driver of the year schemes
  • Driver recognition programs
  • Driver feedback process

3. Road Condition awareness

  • Effective Route Surveys identifying road hazards and high risk locations; Schools, Towns, Villages, Mosques)

4. Compliance

  • Compliance to Standards and Procedures
  • Leadership and Commitment – Contractor CEO Assurance
  • Journey Management
  • Enforcement of Consequence Management
  • Effective auditing and corrective action follow up

5. Incident investigation

  • Professional and comprehensive incident investigations and report writing
  • Multi-tiered Incident Review Committees, comprising of the investigation teams, subject matter experts, customer and contractor.
  • Lateral learning designed and communicated based on lessons learned and root caused identified

6. Optimized planning

  • Consolidation
  • Reduce Km driven and HSSE exposure

7. Data & HSSE Linked KPI’s

  • Effective use and analysis of IVMS information
  • Collection and analysis if Road traffic Incident data
  • Reports generated and presented on specifically designed Dashboards at SLA’s
  • Trend analysis with actions implemented

Our Value proposition and service offerings:


In nurturing this HSE culture, Bahwan Exel offers the following to its customers:


Cuecent BESafe HSE Management System

To compliment any HSSE Management System and Plan an effective tool to manage, review and analyse all aspects of the HSE Management System is essential.
To achieve this control and management of information DHL has adopted the web based platform “STEMS” (Safety Training Employee Management System) as an integral part of its HSE MS.
A summary of the functions are:

  • Incident Management
  • Action Register
  • Audit & Inspections Management
  • Dashboard with real time information
  • Training Compliance Matrix and Employee Records
  • Report generators (flexible report formats able to customize data requirements)
  • Web enabled (Sharing information between ‘sites’, ‘departments’, organizations, etc.)
  • Auto-notifications via email for Actions and Incidents
  • Real time reporting
  • Document Repository for reference and easy download
  • Injury Management system
  • Employee records management

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