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BESafe is the safety, training and employment management system designed to manage and share HSE related information. BESafe supports the HSE team in managing incident investigations, analysis and associated actions through audits, inspections, safety observations

BESafe was developed as a management system for HSE professionals to give them the opportunity to share and link information in a very easy and user friendly manner. Itprovides functionality to share, link, track and report information across multiple organizations and tiers to bring automation of tasks and maintain a common ground for all stakeholders to interact whilst doing their day-to-day tasks.

Key features include:

  • Real time reporting
  • Report generators (flexible report formats able to customize data requirements)
  • Auto-notifications via email
  • Action Register – raise actions with auto notifications
  • Able to link data to the individual employee or contractor
  • Incident Management
  • Audit Management
  • Dashboard with real time information
  • Injury Management system
  • Asset Management system
  • Document Repository
  • Share information between ‘sites’, ‘departments’, organizations,etc
BESafe is a web based system that all Bahwan Exel contractors have access to which promotes a culture of accountability and ownership within our operations. The Bahwan Exel HSSE team continuously audits our operations and strives to implement safe working systems that minimize the threats caused to our employees, our neighbors and the enviornment.
BESafe is desinged for enviornmental compliance, help our customers to reduce flaws, identify, manage and eradicate risks and keep a track on the key functions based on the local and interantional compliance standards. Some of the key modules of the applications are

Assessments, Audits, Interpretations and Remedial Actions

Our software solutions allow us to reduce risk and enhance competence by administering all audit and assessment management processes, as well as capturing any consequential audit findings and counteractive actions in the best manner. It supports auditors to prepare and carry out audits more accurately and efficiently by providing an incorporated tracking system and workflow system that automates all steps in the audit lifecycle. This includes scheduling, groundwork, auditing, report endorsement, report issuance, response, and curative action tracking.

Environmental Incident Reporting

Our incident management system helps our customers to reduce risk and resolve issues rapidly whilst efficiently capturing incident data, automating workflow and ascertaining that all obligatory reporting and follow-up functions are fulfilled in timely manner. Bespoke reports can be generated from the system which can be manipulated and produced with ease as required.

Employee Safety Analysis & Reporting

All the companies are required to provide a working environment that is safe for all the employees. However, if an incident occurs it must be recorded for future reference and corrective actions and improvements are to be documented. Our IT solutions provide the necessary tools to keep track of incidents and assists in the management of the injury details and the follow up processes. In addition the systems are capable of generating instant, weekly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly reports.

Risk Analysis

Tracking the inappropriate measures that caused threats to health or the environment is made easy with the help of project/site based risk analysis methods. Our services help in centralizing the risk analysis procedures and helps in superior planning and implementation of risk minimization measures. This also helps with safety compliance parameters stipulated by the authorities in order to carry out the operations.

BESafe application provide real time access to the latest copy of the CAPA register across different work locations. The system also provides hierarchical access based on the organization structure, rules towards data ownership and information filters towards sensitive and confidential information. 
All communication events during the entire lifecycle for an action are captured with date and time stamps towards assigning deadlines and receiving communication regarding progress updates on the actions. There is also provision to capture actions originating from incident investigations, audit reports or independently generated based on any site visit or review.

It also allows to attach documents (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, visio diagrams, photographs) on any action which can be then made available to the stakeholders involved in the action event.

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