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Bahwan Exel adopts a comprehensive business process management framework during its consultancy engagements. The model converges upon the 3 primary areas of business process governance, technology strategy and change management which are required to unlock business value from operational processes.

Consulting Framework

The business process governance lever incorporates the study of the AS-IS scenarios and the design of TO-BE processes. These activities depend of the underlying factors concerning resource commitments and quality assurance to derive the accurate outputs from the process in the most efficient and effective manner. It also includes continuous improvement initiatives which are essential to inculcate within the business towards striving for excellence and reduce any waste that is associated to the processes.

The second lever constitutes the use of technology to harness opportunities in seamless inter-operability between business units, automation of tasks and management visibility around operational effectiveness. To harness technology we rely on capturing the business requirements and then channel these into development of appropriate systems as warranted by the business stakeholders. Whilst technology drives process innovation and sustainable business models, organizations need to consider the implementation timelines and costs alongside adherence to best-in-class standards for development as well as support mechanisms for the IT systems.

The third and the most important lever in the framework involves change management which can act as a fulcrum towards ensuring success in any initiative concerning business processes and technology adoption. It is primarily based on soft factors such as level of awareness amongst the human capital in an organization towards goals and objectives pursued as well as their knowledge of the market and the ecosystem to sustain business advantages. These are significantly influenced and mitigated through organizational culture elements including commitments from resources to business goals, motivation to succeed and the communication channels that operate within an enterprise.

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