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Strategic and well equipped execution of services is one of the top priorities Bahwan Exel; we employ a superior Contractor Management System that concentrates on the following:
  • Develop a strong relationship with contractors that promote interactions and identifies common concerns faced
  • Work as a pivotal communication point between the contractor base and the others
  • Audit of Contractor HSSE Management systems
  • Spot the breaches in Contractor HSSE Management systems
  • Supervise Contractor Action registers to deal with annotations efficiently
  • Dynamically administer Contractors to enhance the performance standards
  • Establish and environment for cross fertilization of best practice and learning through regular Contractor Logistics Forums
  • Evaluate Contractor standards through prepared monthly Service Level Agreement meetings
  • Implement incentive schemes
  • Concur and execute a Contractor corollary management framework
A strong Contractor management system will provide an aligned, clear, agile and competent operational base that is aligned to customer requirements.

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