Oil & Gas Upstream – 4PL Case Study

A 4th Party Logistic service or Lead Logistic Provider, places the responsibility and accountability of the design, management, cost and operational performance of the main supply chain functions.

In Bahwan Exel, we focus upon delivering significant logistics cost reduction and/or service improvement back to the customer through instigating and managing change across the entire supply chain whilst meets the changing business and customer demands. As the lead logistic provider, we control the supply chain functions to drive improvements in service levels and reduce overall total logistics costs.

We achieve this through managing transport instructions and providing a combination of the following service areas.

Design – We design an optimal Network (design of Material flows, # of and location of network infrastructure e,g, DCs, cross docks, mixing centres, FTL, Milk round LTL) and the required logistics processes

Management – Provide management services and provide Supplier training & management in order to improve the reliability in the supply chain

Operational – Execute control tower services that manage all material flows through the use of a single Transport Management system (Bolton NextGen)

Continues Improvement/Value Creation – Continuously improve a customer’s supply chain in alignment with its business strategy and evolution. Through value creation resources and methodologies, deliver supply chain ideas that drive down total costs.

Supply Chain Transformation – To facilitate the delivery of the above services and release the maximum value, the customer together with us will work in partnership to transform the supply chain through a new fully integrated supply chain management structure that will manage new operating methodologies and systems to gain full control and visibility over the entire supply chain

Our Highlights

  • Control and visibility of your supply chain
    • Enhance and streamline processes across your supply chain
    • Provides global-regional-local visibility of stock levels, transport flows and service across your business
    • World-class reporting of KPI’s and Mgt Information to proactively support your business
  • Your agent for change
    • Aligns with your supply chain strstegy to identify saving and/ or service improvement opportunities
    • Drives change programme across functions, divisions and regions to maximize the overall benefits
    • Delivers your growth agenda with new market entries, new routes to market & new product launch support
  • Real, trangible value across your business
    • Our LLP value creation teams focus relentlessly on identifying, analyzing and delivering new value for you
    • Our LLP teams work very closely with yours, and are rewarded for delivering value – the more we save or improve, the more we earn
  • Build a long – term sustainable partnership
    • Aligns with your supply chain strategy to identify saving / or service improvement opportunities
    • A reliable supply chain expert within your business – one you can trust, and who goes the extra mile
    • Commercial contract balances the risk – reward over a longer period
  • Flexible LLP expertise to meet your changing needs
    • Our supply chain review process is customized to your business taps into DHL’s global pool of supply chain expertise & know how –
    • As your business changes, we are deliverin the most competitive LLP services

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