HSE Centric TMS Platform

CueTRANS – HSE centric TMS for upstream oil & gas environment

CueTRANS is based on the Cuecent BPMS platform and manages all transportation related processes and workflows including HSE assurance and compliance to safety whilst delivering material to stakeholders. It automates the entire administrative work for shipment deliveries from vendor request to shipment delivery and monitors the transportation performance against customer set KPIs. Its modular structure along with data and workflow configuration allows customers to model their business processes uniquely in order to improve operational effectiveness and process efficiencies.

CueTRANS Highlights

CueTRANS addresses the key challenges faced in on-shore Oil & Gas logistics through the following functionalities –

  • Customer demand planning through interface / integration
  • Contractors, assets and driver management for vehicle scheduling and roster
  • Equal work opportunity rostering mechanism based on Vehicle Request & carrier priority
  • Automated HSE checks for driver compliance, vehicle and load inspection
  • One stop shipment planning and load building
  • Automated HSE oriented safe journey management process
  • IVMS integration capabilities
  • Dynamic dashboards for key task areas including vehicle compliance and journey management
  • Driver violations and consequence management through IVMS updates.
  • Mobile Computing (Hand held terminals) and system interface capabilities
  • Bar-coding and RFID tag integration capabilities
  • Financial module covering AP and AR for 3PL freight billing and customer invoicing

CueTRANS Solution Roadmap

Value to Business

  • HSE – CueTRANS incorporates proactive HSE compliance via functionalities in vehicle & driver compliance checks, inspections, journey management and violations & consequence management
  • Visibility – CueTRANS delivers Dashboard and tracking capabilities to provide real time visibility on cargo transportation operations
  • Integrated automation – It enables bringing all processes under one roof whilst automating them and integrating them together
  • Information friendly – The dynamic reporting capabilities offer a comprehensive search on any information captured during the systems workflow
  • Roster and work distribution – It allows for rostering vehicles and carriers based on work distribution logic as mandated by the customer strategies and policies
  • Audit tracking – CueTRANS allows management and administrators to check for information and workflow audits to under causal analysis and support investigation of events
  • Mobile computing – You can choose to deploy handheld terminals and mobile printers for increased user productivity

The figure above provides functionalities and highlights for each module and how CueTRANS allows for configuring and conducting operations with audit trails to capture essential information right from the customer request received to its corresponding journey completion and driver de-brief.

CueTRANS Solution Functional Highlights

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