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At Bahwan Exel, we enable your business to leverage the combined benefits of IT consulting and business process outsourcing by adopting a unified view of your processes and applications. Our application development and application maintenance methodology caters to the best of breed processes which helps in successful on time and above expected delivery. We follow stringent quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experience delivery skills to help you get maximum returns on your IT spending.
BE is differentiated from other companies in how we deliver against client expectations, enhance client capabilities, and improve business competitiveness. We continue to invest in the talent of our staff, efficiency of the processes and leverage automation. Additionally, we bring sector learning’s from our other Oil & Gas related assignments by leveraging our knowledge capture and knowledge transfer processes at project initiation as well as throughout the engagement.
Bahwan Exel has been instrumental in development and implementation several world class IT systems for its customers.
Bahwan Exel IT Systems suite

These systems have unlocked significant value for our customers, where Cucent MTL has proactively aided the rig move business operations to save 40 string months of drilling time. BESafe have helped create a unique IP around HSE Management processes and help automate the administration of HSE operations. The Bolton NextGen is a unique transportation management system which has several HSE compliances embedded in its core workflows to ensure material, driver and vehicle safety whilst undertaking material transportation.
Our systems are custom built to the exact business fit as warranted by customers and our core system development methodologies are successful in delivering the desired value with our comprehensive project management practices.
BE delivers technology solutions through a highly skilled team earmarked throughout the project lifecycle and undergo preparatory sessions as part of the onboarding process to ensure that they perform at the expected levels from the commencement of the engagement.

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