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A powerful Real-Time Integrated Analytics

Today, the top questions on the mind of every ‘C’ level executive in Manufacturing or E&U organizations are how can one reduce variability in their production process, enhance asset life, predict failures earlier, prevent unplanned maintenance, understand in-depth root causes of failure at multiple levels pinning to the lowest asset element, achieve optimal production efficiency, ensure supply chain is leveraged to the best limits and achieving all of the above in a cumulative fashion?

Business intelligence, analytics and real-time data from operations are leveraged for making critical operational and strategic decisions. Analysis of multiple kinds of data for meaningful insights using mathematical, statistical, descriptive and predictive techniques leads to actionable intelligence when synchronized with real-time events, thereby leading to immense possibilities of creating compelling business solutions.

Predictive analytics combines data modelling with statistical and artificial intelligence techniques like fuzzy logic / neural network, to discover complex patterns and relationships in data which allows it to predict future behaviour or activities.

RETINA – A real-time integrated analytics system

RETINA is an integrated analytics system that collects, validates, processes data from multiple plant data sources and allows multi parameter predictive modelling using statistical methods, AI techniques, evolutionary algorithms and constraint optimization tools.

They key business objective of RETINA is to provide real-time insights for actionable intelligence for CXO’s, Operations Head / Plant Head, Supervisors and Managers.

The key areas of application of RETINA are

  • Process events to unearth plant-related abnormalities
  • Plant performance and efficiency improvement across plant production, quality control, reduction of specific power and energy consumption, improve plant stability
  • Event monitoring and alerting
  • Plant alarm root cause analysis, diagnostics and forewarning
  • Remote monitoring and visualization of disparate systems in a control tower
  • Energy efficiency, emission monitoring & environmental processing – HSE analysis
  • Asset analytics
  • Equipment utilization and operating efficiency improvement
  • Equipment condition monitoring
  • Risk reduced Predictive maintenance
  • Equipment Fault tree analysis

Today most of the asset-intensive organizations such as Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Supply Chain and the manufacturing sector are either evaluating or have implemented systems that could monitor, maintain and optimize assets to provide them with better asset utilization and asset performance along with predictable behaviour to cut down on unplanned maintenance costs.

RETINA is available in distinct flavours to address the specific needs of verticals such as Power- Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas, and Wind.

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