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At Bahwan Exel, quality underpins our global strategy to win and grow our business, it is vital to achieving operational excellence and retaining our existing customer base. We can only become the best in our industry when we focus on quality – by setting consistent global standards, driving discipline and pursuing continuous improvement in our daily operations.

Quality is a key component of our corporate First Choice strategy and is the essence of our service offering to customers.

Our approach to quality utilises controlled policies and procedures, regular KPI reporting and auditing to ensure compliance to standards.

The Path to Quality (PtQ) incorporates 14 elements that are the foundation for our quality program. Supported by dedicated and qualified practitioners, these elements are aligned to ISO 9001 global standards.

The Path to Quality program consists of:

HSE Assurance

Bahwan Exel’s strategy and approach to HSE demonstrates that we are dedicated to achieving HSE excellence and to delivering world class HSE performance by building a proactive, generative safety culture within our organization and as a strong underlying proposition to our customers.

This is driven by our vision that we will deliver world class HSE performance that is unmatched by other logistics providers and that is comparable to that of the best performers in the Energy and Chemical Industries.

HSE Values

Our success depends on the consistent performance in every aspect of our operations. Of the many elements that contribute to operating excellence, we have identified ensuring the health and safety of employees, partners, the communities which we work in and protecting the environment as our top priorities.

Striving for continuous improvement and committing to the highest standards in each of these areas is our “Target Zero” objective.

Delivering world class HSSE performance as an integral part of its customer offering – simultaneously protecting its employees, business partners, neighbours, physical assets and the natural environment.

  • Target Zero: The relentless pursuit of no harm to people, the environment and no significant incidents
  • Building a proactive, generative HSE culture
  • Driving world class HSE performance against leading and lagging key performance indicators
  • Preventing injuries & accidents through risk management
  • Continuously improving HSE management through structured audit and review
  • Key to delivering our HSE success has been the implementation of a structured HSE Plan which focuses on both short term goals and a long term strategy targeting the relevant priority elements.

    HSSE Management System

    Our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System is structured to provide the elements, expectations and performance measures to implement effective processes and management of hazards and risks associated with day to day activities.

    It serves as a management tool to achieve our objectives of:

    • Being the safest company in our industry
    • Protecting the health of our employees, partners and the communities with which we work in
    • Being good stewards of the environment by minimizing any adverse impacts from our products and services
    • Assisting customers with the correct product and service choices to ensure their compliance with local requirements and laws
    • Being recognized as a valued member of the communities in which we operate
    We build the foundations of our HSE Management System around the following elements

    • Policy
    • Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
    • Organizational Structure and responsibilities
    • Training, awareness and competence
    • Consultation and communication
    • Operational control
    • Emergency preparedness and response
    • Performance measuring, monitoring, review and improvement
    Whilst the HSSE Management system is fundamental to our operations we believe that HSSE Management systems are not enough in achieving world class HSSE performance.

    From our extensive research we have established that intrinsic motivation is the key to making a breakthrough. Our research can be summarized by the figures on the right.

    • The effectiveness of HSSE Management systems is limited by the extent of people’s motivation to work safely
    • Highly motivated people are intrinsically motivated by the beneficial results of working safely
    • In order to help less motivated people to become intrinsically motivated, the following are needed:
      • People must feel they have a sufficient degree of control over their environment and actions
      • People’s beliefs must be consistent with their values
      • Rewards & recognition must reinforce intrinsic motivation (versus reinforcing extrinsic motivation)
    • Building a Generative Culture increases intrinsic motivation by increasing trust & accountability and by increased transparency of information

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