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Rig move logistics and demand planning entails multiple dependencies and complexities. It requires precise, yet flexible, coordination between multiple parties in a complex hierarchy in order to efficiently move drilling equipment, spare parts, associated consumables, materials and resources required to optimize the Well Engineering supply chain.Bahwan Exel has a dynamic rig move platform, MTL NextGen that enables the Well Engineering and Logistics stakeholders to effectively prioritise, control and optimise the end-to-end rig move supply chain through scenario planning and detailed management information. The system is rich in functionality, aligned to lean principles, enables strategic and tactical planning, flexible to accommodate unforeseen events, user friendly and highly configurable to customer requirements.

MTL offers tremendous value to upstream Oil & Gas companies through its unique and rich functionalities. Bahwan Exel’s strong focus on HSE in logistics is captured in MTL and its unique scenario planning capability helps to reduce non-productive operational time, reduce logistics costs and achieve operational visibility. It also supports the demand planning, integration, monitoring and performance management across 3rd party contractor bases.

MTL NextGen- Solution summary

Some of the key offerings of the solutions are

  • End-to-End process automation to enable Rig Move forecasting to after action review
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning Models to enable strategic and tactical planning
  • Scenario building, simulation techniques (Rig move on paper functionality) to gain visibility on unlocking value opportunities
  • Optimum Equipment Level planning mechanism to increase asset utilization efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Operational reviews & audit mechanisms through approval workflows for decision support
  • Dynamic reporting engine to enable user defined versatile reporting mechanism
  • System driven coordination between stakeholders for seamless workflows
  • Control mechanisms and audit flow for business decisions and approvals
  • End to end automation resulting in reduction of resources , non-productive time and operating cost
  • Innovative user friendly GUI for ‘one click button’ to provide information and functionality
The ability to measure and identify opportunities for reducing ‘release to spud’ times is a core value driver of MTL NextGen functionality. At an operational level MTL NextGen manages all rig move related assets and equipment, automates the administrative work flows, monitors process compliance and generates performance score cards.

Core service offerings

Value drivers

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