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Bahwan Exel is extremely focused on client management and support. Leveraging support and knowledge from our wide spanning operational divisions our supply chain management offers the added layers of visibility, assistance and hands-on management required in todays multifaceted international supply chain networks. Our services are built and designed to provide robust and best-in-class facilities to serve the demands of our clients.

We use an out of the box mentality and cost-center approach for examining the entire supply chain. This gives a business centric motivation to global sourcing.
We provide copious options for a customer’s shipping needs.
We incorporate processes including collection (from individuals as well as from other providers), export documentation, handle customs clearance and manage of cargo movement and delivery.
This includes working together with our partners (logistics companies, agents, and suppliers and customers), workbench advancements, supply chain integration and custom application development.
We understand the importance of materials and consumables supply chain within the upstream oil and gas industry to ensure that NPT is minimized. To address the material and consumables supply chain, we have created our unique ‘Y’ process model to provide the combination of operational and system activities that ensure an un-interrupted supply of material to rigs and well sites.
Cargo Haulage and materials transportation is critical towards ensuring constant and continuous supply to the oil & gas operations where the key challenges are –
  • Support business priorities through a Logistical pull model towards supply chain replenishment and management
  • Multi-level, complex and dynamic network for material storage and moves from sourcing until consumption
  • Demand fulfillment is critical as inventory is lean and work stoppage has cost implications
  • Information is key to material flow and shipment visibility is integral to customer needs
  • Change in the business driver from ‘Speed Vs. Cost’ to ‘Speed & Cost’
  • Addressing material demand volatility through dynamic planning/ forecasting/ scheduling
  • Obtain operational & HSE visibility across the entire transportation process
  • Enable end-to-end automation of administrative tasks and business/system interfaces
  • Scalable systems to incorporate new business/commercial models and changes as desired
As part of the above process, we consider the various aspects of the inbound logistics from an operational, HSE and information visibility point of view to deliver business processes and execution tools that not only meet the current business requirements but also address the future objectives and goals.

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