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We are specialists in coordinating and managing the movement of drilling rigs in the Sultanate of Oman, our track record since 2005 in this area gives our customers the confidence to continue to work with us.

Bahwan Exel’s main area of expertise is to ensure that the movement of the drilling rigs and consumables are carried out safely, efficiently and cost effectively for its customers. As a logistic expert, we monitor the end to end Rig move activity from Rig release to Spud which is carried out professionally, safely and promptly this ensures that the Rig Move time is kept to an absolute minimum.

The strength of Bahwan Exel is its purpose built and unique solutions which are used for Rig move planning, execution and monitoring. We have designed and developed a first of its kind, Rig Move Planning and Execution software Move The Limit (MTL), towards managing the end-to-end rig move lifecycle and automating the entire process with logic and functionality.

In Bahwan Exel, we believe each Rig move requires refined forecasting, careful planning and execution. Professionally trained and experienced personnel are assigned to each task to ensure that they are completed on time and safely. On average we move more than 400 Rigs a year across Oman covering approximately 14000 km with move distances ranging from 100 meters to in excess of 800km.

Our experience on the upstream oil and gas operations involves detailed analysis of the rig move related activities, which are broken down into various subsets. Each of the areas from rig release to rig up (as highlighted in red in the process below) are analyzed in detail and appropriate process improvement recommendations are made.

We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in rig move operations, the salient ones being –
  • Alignment of the Rig Move forecast and associated processes to the Drilling sequence generation process.
  • Consistent controls throughout the end-to-end rig moving process.
  • Multiple stakeholders involved from a coordination perspective.
  • Providing visibility of potential constraints and impacts to the actual rig move process.
Our understanding of the key stakeholder requirements highlight critical business needs which include –
  • Dynamic process flows aligned to IT solutions.
  • Aligning business/commercial models to business value drivers.
  • Ability to respond to demand volatility and forecasting changes.
  • Ensuring operational & HSE visibility to monitor rig moving agency execution.
  • Allow dynamic scenario planning and forecast modeling at a strategic and tactical level.
  • Dynamic management reporting and information to support decision making.
  • End-to-end automation and interfaces to minimize manual intervention.
  • Encapsulate all business ideas, process changes to create a scalable and configurable IT solution.
  • Establish process benchmark to monitor operational performance.
Some of our specialities are

Detailed Planning & Execution: We plan every aspect of the Rig move to derive Quickest, safest and most cost effective approaches. This includes engaging the optimum level of assets for each Rig move based on the distance and geographical conditions. We also use the unique KM by KM methodology to perform the execution and measure performance of each Move. moves, making implementation safer and faster.

E2E Management: In Bahwan Exel, We use end to end management of Rig moves from Rig release to spud and each and every activity of the Rig move will be measured and monitored using optimization techniques, “Lean” and Kaizen Workshops are some of them.

World Class Safety Standards: In Bahwan Exel, our journey to attaining world class safety performance started with a clear understanding of safety basics. We successfully initiated and implemented the “Back to Basics” program during 2011 in conjunction with our customer PDO to determine the changes that need to be made to attain the world class safety standards. We also follow a proactive approach in our safety norms to further bring transformation in our safety culture, measuring systems and training across organization and employees.

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