Capital Project Logistics

Bahwan Exel has a wealth of experience in handling and executing capital projects. Supported by global experts and detailed procedures we can bring the required expertise to assist the FEED and execution strategy of capital Projects requirements.
Our customer’s growth agenda demands a flexible and adaptable solutions and Bahwan Exel have developed the capability to manage extraordinary requirements whereby extremely challenging large capital project equipment and infrastructure items generate extraordinary transportation needs that require expert skills and technical knowhow. With the experience gathered through the years, we with the able support of our partners provide you with solutions to efficiently manage all sorts of freight equipment. Our potential:
  • Congregating multifaceted stuffing supplies for various types of products
  • Executing complex and protracted loading functions, such as administering and supervising crane operations
  • Providing solutions to fit cargos into a ship
  • Congregating exceptional security needs
  • Taking care of complex dexterity challenges
  • Managing all projects that follow most challenging deadlines
The case studies below give an insight to the successful Capital projects that we have delivered in the Middle East region.

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