Supply Chain Solutions Design

Bahwan Exel recognizes the importance of solutions across our business units and has aligned to this by implementing a Global Solution Design Excellence (SDE) programme to ensure that our solution resources are equipped with the technical skills and knowledge required to deliver robust, customer centric and innovative solutions.
Whilst supporting the ongoing development of our resources, the SDE programme also provides a harmonized process and toolkit to enable an efficient approach to solution design on a global scale across sector.
Our 12 step Solution Design Framework has been developed in-house with gate reviews that are fundamentally derived from DMADV and DMAIC design for 6 Sigma methodologies promoting a systematic approach to solution design.
We believe we have the relevant capability within our supply chain solution design team to successfully deliver and support all logistics related projects and studies that are required by customers.

Solution Design Framework

Our solution design framework extends from the DMADV gate reviews creating a standard framework for all our solution design resources to follow and identifying the standard tools and methodologies to be applied at each stage. The 12 stage process and the relative actions and outputs are detailed in the following illustrations.
Each step has a specific purpose in the SD framework and standardized and specific tools and templates are available to use as required.

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